We are a group of NYU students, faculty, staff, and alumni demanding that NYU live up to its stated values of sustainability and global community. We're calling on the NYU administration and the Board of Trustees to divest the university endowment from the fossil fuel industry, specifically from the top 200 publicly-traded coal, oil, and natural gas companies.




  • 10/4/17 Divest delivers letter to LLM and JD Candidates on ExxonMobil's business practices at an event in the Law School.

  • 4/22/17 Divest Protests Fossil Fuel Investments during Admitted Students Weekend with an Earth Piñata and Banner Drop!

  • 3/31/17 Three Divest Members Visit Board Chair William Berkley's midtown corporate office to deliver a letter and request a meeting.

The letter demanded a revote in light of Trustee conflicts of interests, with meeting minutes and     the recusal of Trustees with fossil fuel ties. 

  • 2/17/17 Divest Launches #OnBoardWithDivestment #TrusteeOfTheWeek by calling John Paulson. Click here to contact John!

  • 1/28/17 Divest Winter Retreat attracts new members and produces a strong semester strategy

  • 12/14/16 Divest delivers a letter and gift to President Andrew Hamilton

The letter inquires about the decision making process against divestment, calls on Hamilton to address the question of direct divestment which he has heretofore dodged, and calls for NYU to listen to the NYU community. It was accompanied by a copy of Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and an array of artisanal teas. 

  • 10/15/16 Over 70 attend demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline

The teach-in and protest was organized by NYU Divest and NAISG (Native American and Indigenous Student Group). They then marched to the Army Corps of Engineers office to join a massive citywide protest.

  • 9/30/16 Members of NYU Divest meet with Naomi Klein

Klein called for NYU to divest from fossil fuels at a lecture at the NYU School of Law. 

  • 9/12/16: NYU Divest Fall Nature Retreat attended by 18 members

Retreat including food rescuing, communal meals, meditation, debate, strategizing, and beach time!      Thank you to the faculty who contributed transportation and food funds. 

  • 6/16/16 Board of Trustees rejects fossil fuel Divestment

In a university-wide memorandum President Hamilton and Board Chair Berkley ignore university consensus and fail to the address the research and reasoning presented by Divest.

  • 5/17/16: NYU Divest Students and Alumni Meet before Board of Trustees Investment Committee

    On this historic and unprecedented occasion, NYU students and alumni met with members of the Board of Trustees on the case for divestment.

  • 5/16/16: NYU Faculty Write in Support of Occupation 

  • 3/1/16: NYU faculty deliver letter to the Office of the President of NYU in support of NYU Divest's occupation!

  • 4/18/16-4/19/16: NYU Divest Occupies for 33 Hours!

NYU Divest claims victory following a 33-hour elevator occupation, despite the threat of suspension!

  • 1/30/16-1/31/16: NYU Divest Spring Retreat

    Saturday and Sunday, Divest hosts their Spring 2016 Retreat! Interested?

  • 12/16/15: NYU Divest occupies Bobst, wins demands

      After months of delay tactics and broken promises, Divest wins its meeting with the Board!

      Click here to read the outcomes of the occupation and our expectations.

Click here to read more at Washington Square New