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Decarbonize NYU is a subcampaign of NYU Divest working to align NYU’s climate mitigation initiatives with the imperatives of Climate and Environmental Justice, and to extend the Plan’s ambition beyond emissions reductions towards the just transition to 100% renewable energy.

NYU's newly formed Sustainability Advisory and Working Group is currently drafting our university's Sustainability Action Plan. The first draft is expected to be released at the end of the Fall 2018 semester. This offers us the opportunity as a university community to ensure NYU’s plan reflects a just, ambitious, and science-based vision of climate mitigation.

How you can support, join us, and receive updates:

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Our plan, our history, and the movement we form part of are on display at Kimmel Windows. We are proud to stand alongside our heroes GOLES, LESReady, and NYDIS in this space. Come visit the street-facing exhibition at the corner of Laguardia and West 3rd.


Earthmatters at NYU

EarthMatters is NYU's oldest student run environmental organization on campus.

“As an environmental advocacy group we are committed to making NYU a more sustainable and environmentally responsible institution. NYU Divest's Decarbonize campaign aligns with these goals and we are proud to endorse its mission to make NYU 100% renewable.”

GCOMMS (Governance Council of Minority and Marginalized Students) at NYU

GCOMMS is a Governance Council made up of organizations on NYU's campus that are of minority and marginalized communities.

“GCOMMS at NYU proudly and unreservedly endorses NYU Divest's "Decarbonize NYU" plan. Decarbonization is necessary for the continued survival of Earth and its occupants. Climate change is not a problem whose consequences will be borne only by future generations–it is severely harming communities RIGHT NOW, and its injury has been felt disproportionately by black and brown folks.

In order to facilitate NYU's full transition to 100% renewable energy, NYU Divest put together the "Decarbonize NYU plan." We encourage all of our followers to read it and sign the Decarbonize petition - it is incumbent upon our generation to begin undoing the harm wrought by global warming and man-made climate destabilization.”

The Urban Democracy Lab at NYU

The Urban Democracy Lab promotes critical, creative, just, and sustainable forms of urbanism primarily through novel forms of practice-based research.

“We believe that universities can play a critical civic role in promoting social justice scholarship, curricular activities, public engagement, and programming. At the same time, we believe that truly engaging in the world in this way fundamentally changes how we conceive of what both scholarship and practice can mean. With our dual commitments to justice and sustainability, particularly through our initiative "Democratizing the Green City," we believe it is crucial for organizations like ours to stand behind our students and colleagues in calling for divestment from the fossil fuel industry and decarbonization. Climate change impacts all of us, but is especially pernicious for the most vulnerable among us. While divestment and decarbonization alone will not repair inequality and environmental precarity, they are a step in the right direction.”

IEC (The Incarceration to Education Coalition) at NYU

IEC is a group of community members working to end discrimination against formerly incarcerated college applicants.

“IEC is happy to endorse NYU Divest's "Decarbonize NYU" plan. Ending NYU's reliance on fossil fuels is an incredibly urgent issue - carbon emissions are threatening the short-term survival of thousands of species, including humans. And because black, brown, and otherwise marginalized communities are forced to live in the locations most immediately threatened by climate change, we at IEC view de-carbonizing NYU as a racial justice issue in the same way that ending mass incarceration is.”

Our Plan