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Decarbonize NYU

A Plan for Just and Ambitious Climate Action at NYU

Open Letter to Andrew Hamilton and Board of Trustees from NYU Divest and NYU SLAM

This letter was published and delivered in conjunction with an occupation of the new Bonomi Family Welcome Center beginning March 26, 2018. 

NYU Divest's Open Letter to NYU’s President, Trustees, and General Counsel   

This letter was delivered to NYU's President, Andrew Hamilton, on November 21st, 2017. 

Letter to LLM and JD candidates on ExxonMobil's Business Practices 

On October 4th, 2017 NYU Divest members delivered this letter to attendees of an event promoting tax law careers at ExxonMobil.


This zine was created by hand in September of 2016 in order to inform the NYU Community about the inconsistencies, fallacies, holes, and misinformation within the Board of Trustees' June 2016 Memorandum. We safety-pin an orange felt patch to the zine so that readers may wear their climate solidarity around campus.

Reach out to for a printable PDF and assembly instructions!


This packet was created by NYU Divest to be distributed to all 68 Trustees in advance of their June 2016 decision on fossil fuel divestment. On page 2 is a statement prepared by student members to be read aloud at the meeting where the decision was made.